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Embarking, Corn, and Cheez Whiz...Oh My!

Our rig Alas, it was upon us.  Time to embark on our journey.  Our first chore was loading up the cats...who by all means wanted nothing to do with the forthcoming adventure.  We put two large carriers in the back of the car, so they each had their own cat habitat.  We loaded the carriers up with their favorite toys, beds, and scratching posts.  They had never traveled in a car before short of their yearly visit to the vet so a road trip to Alaska was a litttttle bit outside their norm. Status post exploring in the sticky bushes Rend Lake, Illinois Figaro, who is usually more easy going, was NOT excited about being loaded into his carrier.  Cleo, who is by all means afraid of planet earth, wouldn't even allow us to carry her from the garage to the car, a distance of MAYBE 20 feet.  We had to put her in a small cat carrier in the house to transfer her to the carrier in the car.  So after loading them up (with a little bit of hissing and general disgrun

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