About Us

We are Lindsay and Ernest, two regular ol' people who decided to leave the comfort of our friends and family in Knoxville, Tennessee in search of adventure on the last frontier!  We purchased a 1969 Shasta LoFlyte and headed cross country to Anchorage, Alaska.  

And who could forget the two mini adventure seeker siblings, Cleo and Figaro.  Having lived their entire 1.5 years indoors, they were ready to ditch the indoors for their own taste of adventure.
I'm Cleo.  I like sinks.
I'm Figaro.  Aka Fig, Buddy, Budbud, Figgy, Nut Nut,  Pooper, Roo....actually I have no idea what my real name is.  My parents torture me more because I'm more easygoing than Cleo.  Life lesson: Don't be chill.  


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